2021 GCYL Bandit Bowl October 17th

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Queen Of Peace All Saints/Nicks  1:00 McNick H.S. (North Endzone)
St. Gertrude/SASEAS Team 2 Veronica / Thomas More 1:00 McNick H.S. (South Endzone)
St. Susanna Queen of Peace 2:30 McNick H.S. (North Endzone)
Guardian Angels St. Michaels 2:30 McNick H.S. (South Endzone)
CPS 1st Grade IHM 1 st Grade 4:10 McNick H.S. (North Endzone)
CPS 2nd Grade IHM 2nd Grade 4:10 McNick H.S. (South Endzone)
James 1st Grade Ignatius 1st Grade 1:00 Elder H.S.  (North Endzone)
James 2nd Grade Ignatius 2nd Grade 1:00 Elder H.S.    (South Endzone)
Victory 1st Grade Antoninus 1st Grade 2:30 Elder H.S.  (North Endzone)
Victory 2nd Grade Antoninus 2nd Grade 2:30 Elder H.S.    (South Endzone)
Jude 2nd Grade Visitation 2nd Grade 4:10 Elder H.S.    (South Endzone)
*Jude 1st Grade *Visitation 1st Grade 4:10 Elder H.S.  (North Endzone)
*The game above will be extended for extra time to allow both Visitations Teams to play